I've finally received the OK to delete a user from my system who hasn't worked in the company in a number of years but had some legal issues related to their employment so the folks in charge wanted to keep the mailbox for a while. Now that I got the OK to delete, they added the stipulation, "as long as it can be recovered if needed."

I've archived the mailbox's contents and burned it to CD but am having trouble accessing the archived messages after I've burned them to CD. I've gone through the process of making the restoration folder, copying the files from CD to the files, changing the read-only rights...does the original user account need to still exist in order to retrieve items from its archive?

Ideally, I'd like to make the archive CD and put an instructional file on the disc as well for whoever ends up needing to access the disc. I've tried opening the archive folder location directly as a remote mailbox path, maybe I'm misunderstanding what that is supposed to do, but I keep getting an error saying that I don't have access even though I'm trying the same username/password as the used for the user when I created the archive. Has anyone successfully done what I'm trying to do or know a better way to do it (without having to purchase anything)?