I'm struggling with the Novell Client 4.91 sp5 (with or without IR5):

I would like to use OpenSLP DA on OES2 Linux and it definitely does not work .

I tried many times with different options ( including the "Use SingleEquals in Where (V2) = 1) and it's always unsuccessful. (srvloc.sys

For example :
- I distribute the DA and the SCOPE from the DHCP
- slpinfo /all shows correct DA , SLPV2 and SCOPE
But the login screen is unable to access the TREE with 4.91.sp5. ( putting the ip address works fine)

If I use the 4.91 SP1 on the same network, it works fine . (srvloc.sys

It seems latest Novell Client services packs has compromised the NDS tree resolution via SLP ?

Does anyone has successfully migrate to OpenSLP DA ???