one of our client having Netware 4.11 with legacy application like wordstar,super calc and data flex.They would like to migrade that server.we have installed Netware 6.5 sp 5 and copied all application.Client machine is been loaded with windows XP and using novell client those application are mapped to the local directory.all applications are working from the client side.but the problem is
The exist netware 4.11 having menu program where client will type menu which will list the no of legacy application and once he quit the current then the same will go to main menu.the menu is not working with the novell netware 6.5 sp 5.we have copied it from netware 4.1.1.

its working fine if we copied it on local directory and access it through dos.we are getting the below error messages if we access it from netware .

Z:\>menu md

Unable to execute menu parse program. (errno = (null))
The status of the command was: -1.
Further program execution is not possible.
Exiting to system.

Suggestion would be more helpful.