As of today, this is my gw 8.0.2 system:

4 domains (3 netware, 1 suse). Primary domain is suse domain. The suse domain lives in oes2/sles10 server.

I manage everything from a windows workstation with novell client + consoleone.

And this is the question: Now I try to add a new domain on a SLES11 server in which I did samba setup, to be able to be accessed from the same windows + consoleone management workstation.

Frist I connect to the samba share (full access), open console one, connect to primary gw domain and choose, New, Domain. Everything goes ok until the very end; consoleone snapins show:

"A creation error ocurred. null"

The domain edir object gets created, but the mta edir object does not.

Is there anything I am missing?

Thanks in advance...