We have major problems with appointments syncing to the Blackberry. It is highly visible as the higher-ups are the ones with these devices and their calendars are full with various appointments everyday. It is very important to them that their calendars reflect what is in GroupWise, any updates and deletes.

We are on BES 4.1.6mr6 using SOAP. The Blackberry Server's GroupWise client is version 7.0.3 build 1569. Our GroupWise Post Offices are version 8.0.2hp1.

We have had appointments deleted from the client that still remain on the BB device. And we have had an appt on the BB device that are not on the client. So does anyone know if these issues are resolved with any BES patches? Should I update the GroupWise client on the BES server to a newer version and if so what version?

I hope someone has gone through similar issues and can help me out. Thank you.