Hi all.

I have ZCM 10.3.1 installed (servers and agents).
I have kerberos with ZCM working. After I log-in (cancelling login in Zenworks) I can right-click the Z icon, choose Login and it works, I can see in "show properties" that Iím logged-in.

The problem is during login. First I have Novell client logging-in, then transparently the Microsoft Client logs into the active Directory.
Problem is I get the following error messages:
This realm does not support password authentication.
Unable to log into the network because the login credentials or the server certificate is incorrect.

If after the login I can transparently login into ZenWorks, why not during the login, even with the Novell Client?

If instead of Kerberos-only I choose UserName and Password, for the active directory connection, it works.

I tried ZENLoginUserRefreshAsync and set the value to TRUE, but the problem still exists.
My reasoning was to try to login into zenworks later, after the windows login, but it doesnít work.

I also try to force the login to Zenworks with HKLM/Software/Novell/ZCM/ZenLgn/DefaultRealm to the Active Directory, but it also fails.

Arenít there some registry entries that can change this behavior?

Thanks in advance, TA.