Hi everyone,

I would like to know how we instruct ZCM agent to automatically login with eDir credentials. I've read many posts on the autologin zcm but it seems that anyone have the same problem.

Here is the way we do things on our Windows 7 x64 workstation:

after the pc boot, the user must enter his Novell username (client 2 sp1 with IR3). After, there is a autologin process for the workstation local username that is configured with "control userpasswords2". This process autologin automatically to a generic username on the machine. After that, the ZCM automatically autologin to the zone with the previous Novell username entered. Everything's fine this way, but the problem is: if the autologin for the local windows username is disabled for some reason, the ZCM autologin failed and the user must enter a second time his credentials..... because, if no local autologin, the system ask for the Novell code, after it ask for the workstation code, and after, the zcm code (3 access codes!).

The ZCM autologin seems to work with the last username entered, whatever if it's the Novell username or the windows workstation username.... Is there a registry key that instruct Zcm agent to always pick up the eDir credentials for synchronisation ?

I know we can use the DLU but actually, it's not the orientation we want to take.

thank you for your support!