i am using a Dell Latitude 800 Notebook with W2k SP3
(german) and NWClient 4.83 SP1 (engl.) + nt483pt6 +
483filtr and bm37vpn2.exe + 37vpnup1.exe.

For a long time hibernate (suspend to disk) worked
without any problem. Since some weeks (IMHO i did not
change anything at the Client, SPs or things like that)
hibernate does not work anymore, there is a problem
with the driver for "3Com 10/100 Mini PCI Ethernet Adapter
- Novell Virtual Private Network Miniport".

I already installed the newest patches for the NWClient,
reinstalled the VPN Client with the beta patch
(37vpnup1.exe) but the problem still exists. A college
has the same problem with a similar constallation.

Any hints? Thanks.
Alexander Lay
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