BM 3.6 sp361a and 36c02, plus a handful of 'after patches', NW SP51

running site to site vpn. I can login across VPN, map drives,
directories but, when I try to copy a file it will get so far then
bomb. Error says "can not copy <filename>: the remote computer is not

available" however the login is still intact and the server across the

VPN is still repsonding....

All sites are IP; IPX does still reside on servers and VPN does permit

IPX traffic back and forth but clients are IP only. From what I can
when this happens, the client loses all drive mappings, even to the
server in it's local office long as the client never tries to

get to files on the server across the VPN the lost drive condition

Odder still, I can log directly into the server in that office from my

end and copy files, much bigger ones even, without a problem. Triedusing my station here to log into another server across a different
connection to a different office...copies files just fine. Tried two

different workstations in that office where a user can't copy files,
and 95) both stations have the same problem.

What would cause a station to not be able to copy files down, but
the opposite direction appears to be fine?

I took a look at the usual client configs..SLP MTU and timeouts and
such...nothing exciting there....