Netware 6 server SP2, BM3.7 the name of the server is BM1. The
is an SLPDA and host a SLP SCOPE =DEFAULT

The client is a Windows 2000 use Client 32 4.83SP1 BM3.7 Client.
Connectionn is IP Only Windows 2000 does not allow an IPX connection.
BM VPN Connection goes through process and does a connection and that

seems to be ok. In "My Network Places" can not see any Servers on
PC's on the privite side of the BM Server.

Can ping privie addresses of servers and pc's ok

Then Netware client to login, can see the tree but it takes a long
to see the tree- about 5 minutes. Go to select the context says tree
not be found.

If we just try and login it takes a long time and we get the message "Connection to server terminated. Try to connect again" at other times

the message
is "can not access tree BJAXXX"

can ping an internal server's privite IP address but can not ping the
privite IP address