Last weekend I followed TID 3295479 to migrate a server to new hardware. I installed OES2 SP2 Linux and patched the source and the target server to the same level.
Both servers are virtual machines. Post restoring eDirectory etc on the new server I connected the NSS partition stored on an iSCSI SAN and booted the server.
Using a Windows PC and client all looks fine. The AFP daemon however does not read the existing file trustees. E.g a user's home folder RCWEMF. The user cannot access the folder.
I then removed the user's trustee rights all together and re applied them to the same folder and voila it works now for MAC users as well.
Is there any way to fix this issue. I searched through logs but even set to debug all looks normal until a Mac user tries to access the file system.
Help and hints are greatly appreciated.
Thanks Carsten