Hi everybody !!

We have a small office connected by a non-permanent ADSL connection
an ADSL modem-Router allowing VPN passthru.
Clients on this site log locally on a NW 4.11 Box, and use VPN Client
to access ressources located on corporate servers, behind a
firewall box.
This site can be accessed too by an ISDN router which allows IP and
connection. The IPX connection is used for NW 4.11 NDS maintenance. On
corporate side, the ISDN router RIP its route to this Network.

1 - The BM box shows no info of the remote net IP address. So, how can
configure it and other routers to tell the route to this net at a
lower cost
than the ISDN Router? The BM Box is the default route ot the corporate


2 - When the client connects, we are able to ping his machine from a
corporate station. But when he stops using ressources, after a while,
ping fails. In the VPN Client Config, the 'Keep alive automatically'
box is
checked, and the client stats show an unlimited disconnected time-out.

Any Ideas?