i have installed the 37vpnup1 driver
to get the laptop into standby mode
before i installed the message was that the laptop could not go into
ause of the novell miniport driver

now after applying this support pach which was not easy cause of the
"BM 3.7
EPFGS Client not installed ..." problem thanks for the regestry tip
i get a xp blue screen !! wit a stop message
every time i try to go into
the standby mode !
this message is also displayed when i shut down !!

so i have uninstalled all of the novell bordermanager vpn services on
laptop !

and reinstalled the normal bm37vpn2 driver then it is better not to go
with the system then to get a blue screen when the automatic standby
enabled !

any help to get the service pack with the standby and the other
features to
run would be very helpful
or if it is not possible to get the standby feature to run it would be
to keep the other updated services running !!!

thanks andreas