I'm brain dead today.

Trying to recover email for a legal discovery from a user account that has
been deleted from the system for sometime.

I have restored PO of when that user existed, I can access the old PO
directly but the account had a password so I ran the stand alone GWcheck to
reset client options and that comes back ok but when I try again to access
the account, it prompts for the password.

So next I took an old domain and PO connected it to C1 but that account is
not showing up to let me change the password or clear it.

I have done this before but not on a old account such as this (it was
created back years ago when the initial system was 5.5 upgrade up to 7.x)
I suspect that the "system default" password is in effect but for death of
me I don't recall what the old system defualt password was!!

I think my next step is to restore the old deleted account back into the
live system but I really don't want to do that unless I have no other