Greetings (newbie here)

I am able to tunnel in over BM 3.6 VPN client to office network VPN
and use applications if I am directly connected to my Toshiba PCX1100

However when I reconnect to my home network through the LinkSys
single port router and 5 port hub, I can establish the tunnel and
authenticate to the office. But the web application that works
directly no
longer works. I can't Ping the office either.

I have set the settings on the linksys router to let ALL ports through
to my
node, enable WAN requests, I have tried setting my node in the DMZ,
still can't raise the web server behind the VPN server downtown.

Anyone familiar with this router or the BEFSR41 which is similar but
with a
built-in 4 port hub?


Also - what is a TID and where do I find them?