We have a successful Site->Site VPN running between two NW6SBS
IP and IPX bound on both, DSL connections on both ends.

We are having a problem with data loss with one of the programs we
called Amicus Attorney 5. This is a database client/server program
installed and running on the main server. Loading Amicus on a
Client->Site VPN is painfully slow. It runs better on Site->Site, but

it is still fairly slow, and now we are experiencing data loss. By
I mean we make appointments on the Amicus calendar, and it loses them.

Sometimes it can't see entries in an Amicus file.

Any idea what could be causing this? Amicus support is nearly
nonexistent, and our tech people that installed it aren't real
with Novell, so I'm hoping somewhere here might have a clue.

Chip Reinhardt