Hello Everyone,
I'm new to the VPN set up of BM and I need a little assistance.
I've gone through Craig Jonson's A Beginner's Guide to BM 3.x and
Beginner's Guide to Configuring Filter Exceptions. Here's what I have

Netware 5.1 SP5
BM 3.7 SP1
My NIAS Config Setup is
Public IP Address set to the Public Nic
My Private Ip's are the 10.x.x.x bound to a second NIC
VPN Tunnel IP is
In NWAdmin under BM Setup VPN on the Client to Site details I have the
Encrypt Only Networks listed Below checked. In the protected Networks
I have my public IP and my private network ( listed.

For testing I've downloaded the current version of VPN client from Novell's website and installed it on my laptop. I put a public IP on
my laptop and went straight through my ISDN. I put in the public IP, my
login name, context and the VPN says it authenticated, list my server
name and tree.

Here's where I need the help. Once it goes through all of that it say
it can't find the tree, context or servers on my network. What did I

Thanks for the help


Alan D. Bens
Metro, Network Administrator
1014 Vine St Suite 2000
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202