Hi all.

I configured one user source to eDirectory. Then install 100 agents.
Then I want to change the user source to Active Directory.
So, now I have 2 user sources configured, but when I remove the eDirectory, the zenWorks agent prompts the user to login.
I want to avoid this login. How can I do this?

I delete HKLM/Software/Novell/Zenworks/Zenlgn/History, and create HKLM/Software/Novell/Zenworks/Zenlgn/DefaultRealm to Active Directory, but the users still login to eDirectory.

I also try to change the history to point to the active directory. So:
(delete eDirectory), create Active Directory.
/Software/Novell/Zenworks/Zenlgn/History/RealmName/Name = Active Directory
But the users still login to eDirectory.

I have ZCM 10.3.1 (servers and agents).

Thanks in advance, TA.