VPN services have been setup on 2 separate locations. The BorderManger
servers have proxy services and NAT services on them. We require NAT
on the servers as well because we have need some static IPs to map to
internal addresses.

I read in an earlier posting that NATing needs to be disabled if the
NATing server is in front of the VPN server.

Does this apply if NATing and VPN are on the same server?

I can ping everything eg. VPN tunnel on both sides, private addresses
on both sides

Environment for both servers:
NetWare 5.1 sp4
BorderManager 3.6 sp2
eDirectory 8.62

When attempting to login via VPN client, I can't login. I get an
authentication server prompt of some sort. I can't seem to find
anything on the support.novell.com knowledgebase.

I'm so close to getting the VPN fully up except for this road block.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.