A user just showed me a problem where he did a Find, opened one of the
results, and hit Forward. The resulting email was not the open email.
It was some other email and almost appeared randomly picked. Going to
the shared folder, opening the right email, and hitting Forward worked

I did some testing on my client and from Find if I try and Forward or
Reply on an item from a shared folder I get a D107 error. If I go to
the shared folder I can do Forward or Reply fine. My rights to the
folder are Read and Add. I did not check what rights the user had
although I have no idea why that would matter. I just tried a shared
folder I have full rights to and in Find I get the same D107 error but
can do whatever I want from the folder itself.

If I can do something from the folder shouldn't I be able to do it
from Find?

This is 8.0.2