Im having some problems with the install of this product.

Once I enter the username, password & LDAP server IP Address (secure unticked, port 1389) into the initial Yast screen and go onto the next screen I am unable to browse for containers or groups.

The first time an error is thrown but then after no errors are displayed after cycling through the installer pages.

First Error after seemingly successful verification of username & password is:-

"Connection to ldap server cannot be established. A possible reason maybe that your client is configured for TLS/SLL but the server does not support it"

"Retry connection without TLS/SSL?"



"80090308: LdapErr: DSID-0c090334, comment AcceptSecurityContext err, data 535 vece"

Is the installer ignoring the port 1389?

OS is SLES 11 SP1 (SLES-11-SP1-DVD-x86_64-GM-DVD1.iso) verified 64bit.

Ldap source is working Edir running on windows server verified to be running on port 1389 Ldap V3 and user has full rights on the tree.

Have tried


"ldapsearch -h -x -W -D cn=useradmin,o=toysish -p 1389" Returns valid info from Edir.

Incidentally this is happening on a test system & on the proposed live one as well.