Win98 with VPN client -> BM37 -> NT4 server.

Connect and login works fine. Copy a bigger file FROM the NT4 server
to the Win98 box works fine. But when it comes to copy a file TO the
NT4 server the problems start. A small file like a 1 or 2k text file
works fine but when copying bigger files (30k is enough) the Win98 box

stops and says it has lost the connection with the mapped drive. After

clicking OK at the dialog box I can then browse the mapped drive on
the NT4 server again.

I even tried to connect from the same LAN as the public interface on
the BM37 box connects to, so it can't be a bandwidth problem.

If I connect from a Win2k client everything works fine in both
directions so I guess it has to be a Win98 issue.

Any suggestions?