We currently have 3 locations:
Location A: internet T1, bordermanager for proxy and vpn,
server and various other non Netware servers (for specific network
software that doesn't run on netware)
Location B: T1 data line to Location A, local file/print server,
(plus some other servers)
Location C: T1 data line to Location A, NO local netware - served
Location A.

Some users in Location A need access to data on Location B servers,

and some in B need access to A. I know that location C could get by with Branch Office. Users would need the ability to log in at any of

the locations. We do have one server running NW6sp2 w/iFolder and
NetStorage in location A.

I was recently at a Novell Nterprise presentation and was wondering

if either Branch Office, or doing Site to Site VPN could save us some

money on T1 lines and still give us the access we need. Adding
additional hardware isn't much of a concern.

It would appear that Branch Office wont do what we need for A-B,
could work for C. So the question comes down to if site to site VPN will allow us to do what we need for A and B? We are only using a
single tree, but with OUs for each location. Could we still do that?

could I still do all the management of both locations from either one?

and handle the NDS replication, etc?

Also, there are a couple applications that we use directly across
WAN, and others that we use Citrix ICA for. Citrix useage shouldn't
affected much, right? but the direct WAN apps could?

Or is our current solution likely the best?

Thank You,