We have four OES2 full updated Server with clustered Volumes. We have trouble with a clustered NSS-Volume. There are deletes files (seen in Windows Explorer) with the time-stamp: 01.01.2098
The time-stamp with iManger is: 01.01.1970

There was trouble on the Volume. Now everything is fine. Now deleted files have the correct time-stamp.

But I can't purge the old files with the wrong time-stamp. I tried it with windows-explorer (XP Novell-Client 49.1SP5) and with iManager. It's impossible.

The I go to nssmu. I deactivate salvage, dismount volume, deactivate pool, activate pool, mount volume.
There are always the deleted files with the wrong time-stamp.

What ca I do?

(from Germany)

I can't salvage these files, it's impossible too.