Hello All,

I have created a new GW 8.01 POA on Windows 2003. Nightly events and GWChecks started by
the agent will not run. Standalone GWChecks run fine. Eveything else seems to be working ok.
The errors I am seeing are below.

08:29:26 3AC Processing dd412ce6.001 Message ID(:0:0)
08:29:26 3AC Processing Admin Message (dd412ce6.001)
08:29:26 3AC Processing Admin Task: Mailbox/Library Maintenance
08:29:26 3AC Created : D:\grpwise\mscpob\wpcsout\chk\3\3d412ce6.001, 464 bytes
08:29:26 3AC Admin Task Completed: OK
08:29:26 3AC Processed OK
08:29:42 E98 Processing 3d412ce6.001
08:29:42 E98 Processing update: item record
08:29:42 E98 Error: Path not found [8209]
08:29:42 E98 Error Processing Message: [8209]

Any Ideas?