Hey All,

We have a lab-type environment here where many users log into many machines, and back in the ZEN7 days we had a policy set up to enable volatile user profiles, and to cache those profiles for 30 days. This is because we started running out of disk space on workstations with tons of user profiles.

I've created a similar policy in ZCM.

General Settings:
SELECTED: Enable the enforcement of this policy

UNCHECKED: After enforcement, force a re-login on the managed device if necessary.

User Configurations:
SELECTED: Use user source credentials

CHECKED: Manage existing user account (if any)

CHECKED: Volatile user

CHECKED: Enable Volatile User cache

Cache Volatile User for time period (Days): 2

Member of: Users+

Login Restrictions:
Excluded Workstations List
SELECTED: root folder of workstations that does NOT contain the test workstation
Included Workstations List
SELECTED: root folder of workstations that DOES contain the test workstation

Assigned directly to a single test device, set up so that device-associated policies are run last.

Device Configuration:
Windows 7 Enterprise
Novell Client 2.0 SP1 (IR4)
ZCM Policy management version on the client is

What I'm finding is that the policy is working exactly as described in the documentation. When a user logs in, a profile is created.

When that user logs out, and a new user logs in and then logs out, on that second user's logout the profile of the first user is deleted.

The only thing that is not working properly is that ZCM seems to be ignoring the number of days specified in "Cache Volatile User for time period (Days)".

I have another policy in place that currently functions as desired that adds certain users to the Administrators group on the workstations. This is a user-associated policy assigned to only specific users. This second policy does not have volatile user checked.

Any ideas as to why volatile user caching is not working?