Hey All,

We're running into some workstations with multiple personality disorder over here (probably about 10 have been affected so far that have contacted us).

The basic premise of the problem is that a user calls in notifying us that their department (folder-assigned) applications are gone.

We go looking for their windows machine name in ZCM, and cannot find it.

We have them look at "Device Name:" in the ZENworks Adaptive Agent Properties window, and find that somehow their workstation has taken over the name of another workstation.

By taken over, I mean their workstation is now associated with another workstation's object in ZCM, and the "Host Name:" attribute on the workstation object in the ZCC is now completely different from the "Alias:" attribute.

The only way, so far, that I have found around this is to re-name the first affected workstation to it's proper name in ZCM, then visit the second workstation it was confused with, re-install the Adaptive Agent, and re-register it with a new GUID.

Why on earth is this happening?