I have a multi User Source environment with 10.3.1.

There are several user sources with both eDirt and Ad User Sources.
This is normally not a problem, as we stamp in the Realm name in the
registry. The user always gets the right realm.

But there is a problem.

User "XYZ" is present in Realm 7.
When he logs in, he logs in as user XYZ in realm 7, and it works

Eexcept for one scenario.
If user XYZ is ALSO present in Realm 2, the policies will grab the
policies for user XYZ in Realm 2 in stead of realm 7.
Apps and everything else is taken from Realm 7.

It seems that the policy thingy is searching realms from top to bottom
when trying to find the user.

This particular user is using the Novell Client, and I'm not entirely
shure if the problem is with AD also (they obviously don't use DLU or
Roaming Profiles).

Is this "working as designed"? or should I open an SR for this?