Server: Netware 6.5 SP7
Workstations: Windows XP Pro SP3 w/ Netware client version 4.91 SP4 (also tried SP5).

Problem: we have about 75 pc's in my office, but the same problem happens in other offices too. Some pc's, but not all, are extremely slow logging into the network. After the user types in their password, the pc will sit for several minutes with a black screen and an errors, just slow.

It is definitely network login related. We do not have the problem when "Workstation Only" is selected.

- I use an "unattend" file to install the netware client, so all machines are configured the same.
- everyone is running IP Only....IPX is not installed.
- tried different ports on the switch
- moved a problem computer to a different office to rule out the wiring in the building.
- checked for tree-walking
- network traffic is not the problem. On the computers that are slow, it happens even when I am the only person in the building. The fast computers are always fast, regardless of the time of day, and the slow computers are always slow.
- don't think it is the server -- logically, I would think if it is a problem on the server, everyone would be experiencing it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated... Thanks.