I am in the process of configuring a Netware 6 Small Business Suite
for a client who wants client to site VPN access.
I have got it working over IPX, but it will not connect via IP. In
words the VPN client connects OK, but I am unable then to ping the
(I can also log in to the server over encrypted IPX)
I suspect the problem is that Border Manager is configured on the same

server as the file & print server I am trying to connect to via VPN.
due to cost restrictions, that is what the client wants)
There are 2 nics in the server: PRIVATE = & PUBLIC =
203.152.xxx.118. This connects to the DSL modem / router on
NAT on the PUBLIC i/f is translating to 203.152.xxx.118.
The default route on the server is configured to 203.152.xxx.117.

Any one got any ideas how I can get the VPN working over IP?