Hello everyone,

We are experiencing a strange one remote-controlling to our WinXp stations. All these machines are on the same subnet.

Our ZCM is freshly installed on a Win 2008 r2 server. Our Zen clients (the ones of interest) are at 10.3.2, WinXP SP3. Other clients are at 10.3.1, but do not experience this problem.

The units of interest are Kiosk stations with the Shell replaced by an app called Public Web Browser. Explorer.exe does not normally execute.

At some recent point in the past, we lost the ability to see the desktop when we Remote Control. The remote screen is gray with the text "Please Wait...initial screen loading". It never resolves. Strangely enough, keyboard and mouse are being transmitted to the remote. nzrWinVNC.exe is at about 50% CPU utilization. Even stranger, I found if I manually start explorer.exe, the remote screen resolves almost instantly. nzrWinVNC then drops to zero or near-zero. I'm able to remote control normally until I explorer.exe stops *and* I close the remote session. Interestingly, I can kill explorer.exe in Taskmgr and continue the remote session. But once closed, the bad behavior returns.

For a few days now, I have been futilely trying to determine if there are some services, processes or threads that explorer starts that allow WinVNC to work. Does anyone have any idea?