I have the ZCM10 included sybase database placed on a seperate SLES 11server.
When i look at the docs there are several ways to backup the database.

But i don't know which option is the best:
I'm asking myself if i have an Embedded sybase or a External sybase.
I've used the database install from the ZCM media on a seperate server.

At the moment i use a script on that database server that is:
/opt/novell/zenworks/share/sybase/bin32s/dbbackup -s -y -o /Scripts/Organization/ZCMdbBackup/dbbackup.log -c "ENG=zenworks_organization;DBN=zenworks_organizati on;UID=zenadmin;PWD=Zw0#46cd31b580bebb4f49301f8b5" /Scripts/Organization/ZCMdbBackup/

Is that the best solution for me.
I have restored that database once in a disaster recovery moment. so that went fine.

But other methods i see are:
- using dbisql
- using zman database-backup

I don't know anymore why is have chosen for this one at the time of configuring :)