This setup works from a 98 workstation which is of course using IPX.,from my home, through a DSL router, through an ISP, and it still
I can run login scripts, browse the tree, map drives, etc.
It does not work from an XP workstation with a public IP address on
same public network as the BM box. The workstation and the BM server
connected through the same switch.

BM 3.7 sp1 on NW6sp2
2 NICS, one public, one private. NAT static and dynamic, pass thru =
(NAT does work, by the way)
directly routed to ATM, no ISP involved
filters completely unloaded.
VPN tunnel address is class c mask, it is unique in
BM private
BM public 64.x.x.x

Latest Netware client and VPN client (re-installed VPN first, then

Can authenticate to server and tree using VPN client with no NDS login

Can ping any private IP address that is in the networks I have defined

in NWadmin, can also ping by name if DNS on workstation has private
server listed.
Cannot login to network using client32 after VPN connection is
established. (it has worked once-but could not browse network) tree or

server cannot be found. (sometimes it just says it can't log me intothe network)
Have tried private IP address for server name, have tried leaving
and context blank, and every combination thereof.

Have encrytped networks setup in NWadmin. Listed private networks
the BM server, and the private on the BM server. Public address listed

there by default.
Keep alive automatically is checked
Have SLP running in network, DA not on BM box. ( we have a very largenetwork and have SLP configured and working)
Have SLP statically configured on workstation
Have server names in HOST file on workstation
Servers are all routed to a smart swich router which in turn has the
box as its default gateway.

The fact that it workd consistently on the 98 workstation makes me
at name resolution/lack of IPX on XP workstation. Just don't know what

else to try.

Thanks for any ideas.