Setting up a ZCM roaming profiles for Windows 7 users requires you to pre-populate the users roaming profile with a template that gives registry hive permissions to the Windows local group "everyone". Novell Documentation

This is a major pain as it's adding another task in creating a user. We are currently evaluating NSM but the only other options is to script copy into everyone's home drives, then manually copy for each new user. What's the possibility to do this "on the fly" when the profile is first created through ZCM? What about when the profile is corrupt and needs to be recreated.. then it needs to be manually copied back again!

How is everyone else managing the roaming profiles?

Also, I thought the doco was going to be changed so it's not so deceptive. "If a Roaming Profile policy is assigned to a user on a Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, or Windows 7 device, the policy fails if the user profile is stored on a Windows share location".. wrong!