Hi everone,

has anybody ever tried to install access 2010 runtime via ZCM??
I try this the whole day, but I fail.

Created a bundle with two steps.
Step 1) Copy the "accessruntime.exe" to c:\temp -> successful ;o)
Step 2) Start the "accessruntime.exe" without any parameter as DAU -> nothing happens
Zenworks Progress Bar shows, he's doing step 2.
In the taskmanager i can see two processes for the DAU. conhost.exe and ZenWindowsDaemon.exe, but the accessruntime.exe never starts. I got no error, nothing.
Looks like he can't start this, but i can't imagine why...
I can start the file as local admin without any problems, but with ZCM? No Chance.

Any idea...?

Have a nice weekend...

S. Prause