I'm assuming that what I want to do is possible, I just don't know how :-)

I'm testing Outlook 2011 on the Mac (don't ask), and since it can't sync ANY
calendars (except Exchange I guess), I'm trying to script a way to take an email
from Outlook and use it to create an iCal appointment.

I played around in Automator trying to get the text from an email in Outlook and
use it for creating a new appointment in iCal, but honestly, the iCal
appointment option will only pop up a new item box, let me fill in the subject,
date and time, and create the appointment in iCal. So, then I have to go to the
calendar, find that item and paste the clipboard contents into the notes of the

What would really be good is to take the Outlook item, create a new iCal event,
pausing to allow me to set the subject (prefilling the subject with the email
subject line could be useful), date and time, and then paste the text from the
Outlook item into the new event and post it to the iCal calendar I've chosen. I
can really do all of these in Automator EXCEPT the pasting to the note field.

So, if someone could point me in the right direction, I'd be eternally grateful!


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