This involves a server with NW6SP2 and BM36SP2.

I have a VPN set up from our district office to each school with
master here. This has worked fine until yesterday when I moved the
from our internal server and onto our Web Server/Groupwise Server.
Now 5
out of the 6 buildings work fine, but when I add the 6th building to
VPN, clients within that building on the private network can no longer
out to the Internet. If I remove VPN from the server by taking it off
Master with the others, Internet connectivity comes back.

I was getting ready to complete the firewall but am waiting now
this problem is fixed. Unloading IPFLT and IPXFLT doesn't help.

It was working fine until yesterday, or at least I thought so.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!

Tim Ferguson
Centralia, IL

The Master Server is NW6SP2, BM37SP2, GW65.