I am running BM3.7 (patch 1) and Novell 5.1 and we are currently using
BM server as an internet proxy server for our network. We also want to
it for VPN access but we do not seem to have cracked this yet. This is
history which probably has some bearing on what is going wrong.

We made an image of our main Novell fileserver, and created a separate

network for the configuration of our BM server (Novell and BM on
machines) - that way if things went wrong we would not affect the
network. We got BM working as both a proxy and VPN server, and then
took a
backup of the NDS. We then connected our configured BM server to the
network and restored the NDS from our trial network.

The BM Proxy server now works fine, unfortunatley the VPN does not. We
try to connect to our network across the Internet and we seem to be
able to
connect to the VPN server but not log in to Novell. Our client cannot
the Tree and does not let us log in.

Any thoughts about what is wrong before we resort to uninstalling andreinstalling BM directly on our live network?