I am trying to install the iprint client to Windows XP WS with ZCM 10.3. I am just learning ZCM and am struggling to understand some of the concepts.

First of all, should I use a 'Directive' bundle or a 'Windows' bundle? I used a Windows-Simple application bundle because that seemed to make the most sense but it looks like I could use a Directive bundle as well. Which is correct?

What I want to achieve is to have a shortcut for the iPrint client appear on the desktop. When the user clicks on the shortcut it will launch nipp-s.exe and install the client.

In the Windows bundle, I set up the action of installing the client under the 'Install' tab. I'm just using nipp-s.exe and with ZfD, all I would have to do is to run this program and it would install correctly. In ZCM, when I double click on the icon on the desktop, I see the iPrint client unpacking the files but then it never installs. What am I missing?

Finally, is it correct to put the launch of the iPrint client under the 'Install' tab or under the 'launch' tab? It seems like both do the same thing in this case.

Any help would be appreciated.