Only one of the VMed SLES/OES boxes (out of 6) shows in Customer
Centre, and every time we register a box, it becomes that System
replacing what was there before.
Our licensing says we are good for 10 boxes for that activation code
pair, so it can't be that.
It is like the registration process is treating all these boxes just
one system that we can't decide the name of.
The are all on a 2 node vSphere 4.0 cluster, and were generated from
the same template.
We have another standalone box at another office that is
registered/activated just fine and hasn't been touched by any of this.

How does this registration process differentiate the servers?
They certainly all have unique private IPs and host names, though they
do come out of the same public IP.

This appears to be causing some hickups with the patching process, and
just doesn't look right.

Andy Konecny in Toronto
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