I have a number of NW 5.1 & 6 servers behind a firewall. I have a
number of clients outside of the firewall who currently are able to
connect to servers behind the firewall and map drives, etc as if they

were inside the network. The need has arrisen for those drive
to become encrypted, and I'm curious if Bordermanager can do what I'm

looking for:

I don't want to move my file servers behind a border manager server. If I install a BM server on the same network that the rest of the
servers are on, and install the VPN client on my road warrior
is it possible to get data encryption between the client and the file

servers?? Do I need to install BM on every file server to do this?
have no use for any of the built in firewall/proxying capability that
offers. I just want data encryption between outside clients and my current file servers without having to move them to different private

networks.. Is this possible?