we have in our company a constellation of a problem with Excel 2000/XP/2003 and Novell (NCP), we can not understand:

In one of our branches an employee requires over 8 minutes to an open an Excel file from the central storage in our HQ. The WAN link is not the reason for the significant delay. So we used Wireshark for monitoring and found the reason: the transmission of data packets takes place in 6 byte increments. The size of the Excel file is just 770 KB, but the process takes an extremely long time.

We were able to reconstruct the problem with the file in our LAN. There is of course much faster (40 sec.), but with the network monitor we observed the same reaction. Why determines the novell client a maximum buffer size of only 10 bytes of and the server sends up to 6 bytes to client?

So we set up a SMB share for comparison and open the file from there. Result: The file was open for 10 seconds. So there must be a connection between the Novell Protocol (NCP Novell Core Protocol) and Excel. With Word and other applications or files, there is no such problem. Also, a copy of the file is in normal range.

For testing, we had installed Excel 2007 and to our surprise found that it opens the file in a few seconds. In the Excel file itself is not included large database, no data links. Just a lot of worksheets.

Is this a specific Excel problem?

Info: We use Novell Client (4.91 SP5) on Windows XP and Office 2000 - 2003

Thanks for any help!