My dhcp-server is on oes2 sp3 / sles 10 sp3 and i am trying to set it up for viewing dynamic leases in the DNS/DHCP Management Console.

I am following TID 7006450 and right away i get stuck.

From the TID

1. Launch the DNS/DHCP management console and login to the server
2. Click on the 'DHCP (OES Linux) tab toward the top of the console
3. Find the DHCP Server object at the bottom of the console and select it
4. Toward the top-right hand side of the console select the GENERAL tab and find the section called DHCP SERVER
---- There is no section called DHCP SERVER only Services

5. Click the ADD button and enter the IP address of the DHCP server
NOTE: If doing this step on OES 2 SP 2 the buttons may be greyed out. This is due to the schema not being extended. This option is officially supported on OES 2 SP 3
---- There is no ADD button

6. Click on the SAVE button toward the top, left-hand side of the console (looks like a floppy disk)
---- There is no SAVE button

I have downloaded the latest DNS/DHCP Management Console Version OES2 SP2 october 2009

Is ther a newer version to download