We have some serious problems with deploying registry key bundles from Zenwork 10.3.0 on Windows 7 Pro.
All bundles do work on Windows XP pro.
Iíve been searching the forum (tried all kind of possible solutions) but none of them work.

We have the following problem:
When deploying HKCU registry settings we do not see any changes made in the registry.
Iíve set up a simple bundle with the following registry action:


Unfortunately when I deploy the bundle I see some errors in Zenwork logging on the workstation:

[DEBUG] [01/31/2011 14:30:14.278] [1336] [ZenworksWindowsService] [45] [] [ZenCommon] [] [Failed to find sid in local accounts. Looking in AD accounts] [] []
[ WARN] [01/31/2011 14:31:09.016] [1336] [ZenworksWindowsService] [24] [win8] [StandaloneHandler] [ActionMan.SetFileRightsException] [There was an error setting file rights for C:\Users\win8\AppData\Local\Temp\b16b18c3-9106-4796-b7c6-330b554d9010\b6cf176aaa9740999d0b9037e4c9d6f8-Registry_Edit-9251995Input.xml on Kan een aantal of alle id-verwijzingen niet omzetten..] [] []
[ERROR] [01/31/2011 14:31:09.235] [1336] [ZenworksWindowsService] [24] [win8] [BundleManager] [ActionMan.ErrorGeneratingInputFile] [Error generating input file for Registry Edit Action.] [] [b6cf176aaa9740999d0b9037e4c9d6f8]

*There is one dutch line in the log, I will try to translate:
Kan een aantal of alle id-verwijzingen niet omzetten = Cannot convert some or all ID-references

The user is a standard domain user.

What I have tried:
- Recreate the bundle
- Manually create the registry settings (to see if any changes occur when deploying the bundle)
- Give user Ďadministratorí rights
- Checked user persmissions on registry and file locations, but all permissions are: full control
- Tried all options in the registry bundle (run actions as user, as system user, etcÖ.)
- Re-installed Windows 7
- Tried other user account

I've read the online manual which explains all settings, but this also does not help
(and as i mentioned before, bundles do work in XP)
Novell Documentation

Does anyone has experienced the same problem or has an solution fort his problem?

Thanx in advance.