I have a user running OS X 10.5.8, Groupwise 8.0.2, Java for Mac Client 1.5.0,
on an Intel iMac ore 2 Duo 2.0ghz, and when she tries to print an email
from groupwise, to her HP 4350 printer, the pages come out blank.
The setting for the email when it comes up to print says "Plain Text email",
but her Preferences say that the email should be "HTML".

Printing from other applications ( Text Edit, MS Word, MS powerPoint, and Acrobat)
all print fine to the same printer.

I'm leaning towards maybe a user account issue, or user prefs in Groupwise,
that may be causing it, esp. since the emails when going to the printer
say they are going formatted as "Plain Text", but her GW preferences all say

Any thoughts?