Hi everyone:

This may sound strange, but it is what it is : We're trying to migrate a series of cluster enabled pools from one SAN to another SAN (the fiber connects have already been made and tested...so that's no part of the equation at this time).

Problem is, we've been asked to do this with ZERO disruption to the users. And we're talking about 30 tb of data here encompassing a cornucopia of volumes and pools servicing a large spectrum of users across a rather massive eDirectory structure (many login scripts to modify among other things).

SO assuming I can activate pools and mount volumes to a server from both SANs (which I can), is there any possible way to force the NSS Pool to activate on another device if the device has been mirrored from one SAN to the other?

Right now what happens is that the secondar lun (which has a copy of the data on the primary lun) shows up as a new device, and there doesn't seem to be any way to simply mount the pool that's been mirrored to it.

Barring that, is there any way to expand the pool to encompass both devices, but then shrink it back down so that it only encompasses the new device?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.