I have a weird problem... I have "Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows Server 2008 R2" installed on one of our Windows 2008 servers. On the novell server (NW 6.5), I have an account named "capit". From the Windows 2008 server, I can log on to this novell account without problems as long as I use the normal logon screen.

But, I have a service running that use this account to shuffle files back and forth to the novell server. This service is set up to logon with ./capit and the password. Problem is, when the service try to log on to the novell server, it fails and increase incorrect login count, until the account is locked.

I was thinking perhaps there is something wrong with the syntax ./capit (the account is in the root of the nds), but afterall it does try to log on to that very account, but somehow it think the password is wrong. Which it isn't, I double and triple checked...

Any ideas, I'd be very grateful for any suggestions!