We installed BM3.7 VPN server and have VPN Clients 3.7.
The users are having a private network (10.*), are going to the
internet via
NAT and are connecting to the BM3.7 server. When they are connected
fine) they try to access 10.* servers on the corporate (firm) network
the BM. This doesn't work.

Why it doesn't work ? Because the BM3.7 VPN server is using the
private (10.*) address to route the packet back to the client. Because
is an 10.* address it is routed back into the corporate network
instead of
to the client.

If we put a static route in the BM which point the 10.* address of the

client to the public gateway of the BM, everything works fine. Because
clients 10.* addresses are changing all the time and these 10.*
address are
also used in the corporate network, this is not a good solution.

I'm asking myself, Why does the BM3.7 takes out the private 10.*
address out
of the NATed packet that he receives from the client and is using this

address to route the packet back to the CLient ? If he should use the
(NAT) source address he receives from the client, there was no issue
everything should work fine ?!

Is there a "real" solution for this problem ?

Many Thanks,