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to peer it's news properly. Sorry if you see this message twice but Icancelled the first posting after it failed to appear here.)

Hi there,

I just upgraded our working NW5.1 sp4 with BM3.7 to sp6 and sp2
respectively. BM is running on a single file and print server.

VPN was working fine before the upgrade from client to site, either
behind a NAT or non NAT connection at the client end.

I got the non NAT connection going again after adding a static NAT onthe private interface to itself. There is no static or dynamic NAT onthe public interface.

From behind NAT the client times out with the error "VPN server is not

responding, disconnecting". Login sometimes happens but disconnects
straight away. It's not possible to maintain a connection with no

Unloading the filters makes no difference.

The version of TCP.NLM is 5.93k domestic 13 March 2003 and the publicnic driver is 3C90XC. I'm using sp2 of the latest clients with W98 and


When I run Ethereal on the W98 machine during a failed attempt I can
UDP packets going back and forth between ports 2010 but the checksumsare all 0x0000 (none) except in the headers which are correct. The UDP

353 packets have all checksums correct but none are returned by the

Sniffing the W2k machine does not show any UDP 2010 packets at all.
UDP 353 packets are also not returned.

Any help much apreciated