Doing a lan VPN login and a login to the NDS at the same time takes a
Up to a minute.
Without NDS login it takes about 5 seconds.
If I do a NDS login after having set up the VPN connection, it runs
about 5 seconds.

I did set up SLP on the NW servers and configured a static DA in
And I did put entries for the NW servers in the host file on the
workstation, just to be sure.
After the (slow) login, all resources are available.

The Results screen from Client32 always starts with on the first line
public IP nr of the Bordermanager and on the second line
LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-890: The specified server is unknown.

All mapping are executed correctly though. Even mappings to the
Bordermanager itself.
The above mentioned error messages are also displayed when I choose
not to
execute the login script.

Bordermanager 3.7 with SP2
VPN client 3.7.1
Client32 4.83 SP2
Client OS XP
Netware 6 SP3

Any suggestions ?